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Most Popular Services

Computer Diagnostics Testing

Check Engine Light on? We can help.

This warning light can be for hundreds of reasons. With our Computer Diagnostic Equipment and trained Technicians, we can find the problem,  provide an Estimate and Repair the problem.

Brake Repair & Replacement

Brake Light on? Hear grinding? We can help.

With today’s sophisticated brake systems having ABS, Electronic Brake Calipers, controlling stability and traction, you can count on us to give your vehicle the STOPPING power it needs!

Oil Change

Changing your vehicle’s oil is the MOST important service to perform.

With the many different types of Motor Oil on the market today you can count on us to provide the correct oil required by your vehicles manufacturer.

Tire Repair, Replacement & Wheel Alignment

Whether you need new tires or tire service we are here to help.  We sell all brands of tires that are specific to your vehicle and provide routine tire rotation and balance service.

Low tire pressure light on? We can diagnose the problem and have you rolling with confidence!  

Steering and Suspension

With todays rough roads and potholes it is important to have your vehicles shocks and struts performing at their best to keep your vehicle in control.

Faulty shocks and struts can also put added stress on your vehicles steering and suspension components.

General Auto Repair & Preventative Maintenance

Is your vehicle ready for its Manufacturer’s scheduled mileage service?  We can perform all required mileage interval services that your vehicle’s Dealer can provide and for HALF the cost!   Give us a call or stop by for an estimate and Schedule your vehicle’s Service.

All of Our Services